Power Flushing in Herne Bay, Kent

Suffering from a sluggish central heating system?

Power flushing is the process of removing built up residue and deposits from a central heating system using a pressurised mix of water and chemicals. 

Browns Plumbing & Heating can restore your heating system to its optimum efficiency, ensuring hot water can circulate freely throughout your central heating system, thereby reducing the workload on your boiler. 

After years of use and lack of maintenance, sludgy deposits can build up in central heating systems, causing cold spots on radiators and excess strain on your boiler. The result of this will be higher gas bills due to the in efficiency of the system and the pump struggles to circulate the heating water properly. Also deposits of magnetite may accumulate in your boiler and other system components resulting in possible failure and the need for costly repair bills. 

Using professional power flushing equipment

Browns Plumbing & Heating can assess and diagnose any problems with your system, using our vast experience and thermal imaging technology. We will use power flushing treatments to extract these harmful deposits from your system. After your system has been cleaned, the system is re-filled with make up water and suitable protective chemicals to protect against future corrosion.

Benefits include: 

  • Clearing deposits of lime scale, corrosion 
  • Removing up to 99% of system sludge 
  • Eliminating cold spots Identifying leaks and faulty components 
  • Improving efficiency and reducing gas bills 
  • Reducing carbon emissions 
  • Reducing wear and tear and minimising the risk of a future breakdown

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