General Plumbing Services Based in Herne Bay, Kent

Need a professional plumber?

If your toilet or tap is not functioning as it should, then Browns Plumbing & Heating have you covered. From dripping or leaking taps, to toilets that are blocked or don’t flush, we can assist you with all types of repairs. Our registered plumbers provide repairs to all toilets and taps, and any associated pipe work. In addition to replacing toilets and taps, our plumbers can also repair and replace damaged handles, siphons, ball valves, and pumps. Whatever the issue may be, we can assess and identify any faults to provide you with effective repairs. 

Prepared for a wide range of plumbing repairs

Our service vans are stocked with common tap and toilet washers, replacement taps, and a range of tools and equipment to ensure quick repairs. If a replacement part is required, we will promptly order them provide you with the speediest repair possible. 

We will never knowingly up sell any parts or components, and should replacement be recommended, you will be given the reasons why so you are able to make an informed decision.

Browns can: 

  • Provide qualified, registered, professional plumbers 
  • Repair or replace taps 
  • Repair or replace toilets Install outside taps 
  • Repair or replace showers 
  • Reseal shower enclosures and baths 
  • Repair leaking pipework 
  • Insulate pipework in exposed areas 
  • Install Saniflow units 
  • Carry out all general plumbing work

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